It’s About Time!

Hey guys…Gigo here.

I’ve been so busy getting things as close as I can to perfect with the music that I completely spaced out on establishing some sort of web presence. If the point of making the music is to reach your ears, this new website will aid in that task! Mwahaha!

It’s pretty exciting having this blog thing under my fingertips now, to be honest. There’s a lot of stuff I do and think about while grinding through the creative process that I don’t really get to share with anyone simply because it’s all so in-the-moment and seemingly boring. I’ve been told that it’s all quite share-worthy, though. So, I’m making it a point to capture more of those moments. Jam sessions, creating cool stock music for YouTube videos, recording weird sounds and noises for foley gigs, thoughts about this and that…I’ll document it all here on this blog for anyone who cares to see it. Then I’ll spam it all over social media and bug the hell out of you.


I’m still in the process of building the website (and probably will always be changing things over time), so bear with me if shit doesn’t work.


Carry on.

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