Listen and share.

This is a constantly evolving studio project that’s trying to drill into new territories to shake the shit off your soul and ignite a spark in your mind. We just released our debut EP called “Rise & Shine”.

What started as the obsessive creation of producer Gigo Avakian is quickly unfolding into a full-blown multimedia concept. With the help of guitarist Rod Castro (caroucells), drummer Sammy J. Watson (The Apex Theory), bassist Andrew Behjatnia (Chameleon Conductor) and duduk master Jivan Gasparyan, Jr., a fully expressive set of sounds are developing every time the band gets together.

We’re just getting started in internetland. So, if you like what you hear please share it with your friends. A whole new batch of music is already in the works and we’re looking for bands to play with. If you’ve got booking questions, email us at heavymachinery36@gmail.com.


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